Brittiskt företag söker online-läromedel för grundskolan via distribution eller licensavtal. - EEN Jönköping

Brittiskt företag söker online-läromedel för grundskolan via distribution eller licensavtal.

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The SME was established in 2013 and is based in the North-West UK. The company sells and develops online learning resources for UK and Irish primary schools. The Company works closely with renowned local universities to develop new educational resources. The Company has well developed sales channels into primary schools in the UK and Ireland and has sold their own products into more than 2600 schools.

Most of the tools the company offers encourage children to exercise along with learn. The Company has developed a program that helps schools to deliver recommended levels of exercise for primary school children. The exercise program has hundreds of hours of virtual dance and exercise instruction and dance mat games. It is used by teachers first thing in the morning to help wake up children before learning (known as ”wake & shake”), during play times when the weather is bad, when space is limited outside for exercise and as a tool to help with the dance aspects of the national curriculum.

The Company has a strong sales team that approaches schools and offers a trial periods at no charge. These trials are then converted to paid access at the end of this trial. The company has won several awards for innovation which includes a BETT award (British Educational Training and Technology, an education award backed the UK Government), the national business award for innovation in the North of England and Ireland and they also have a Guinness world record to their name.

The company is interested in using their sales channel to introduce innovative online tools from companies outside the UK. Primarily, the company is looking for learning tools with an element of gamification. The company is interested to engage with the developers of such tools via distribution or licensing agreements, depending on the nature of tool and involvement of accessories used to deliver the experience. The company is mainly interested in sourcing tools from European countries, but won’t mind hearing about solutions from outside Europe

Advantages and Innovations

The Company has in the last 3 years sold to more than 10{643684fa2f994dfc06913daf795252334580fce8f5458c2fae78ced26ddb7111} of the UK and Irish primary schools (around 2600) via their in-house sales team.

Technical specification or expertise sought:

• The company is expecting the solutions to be user friendly with less complexity.
• The solutions should be aimed for children aged 5-14 years.
• The solutions should develop the key learning abilities of kids and target abilities such as attention, logic, imagination, communication skills etc.
• All the extra accessories (if any) should me made of safe and environment friendly materials.
Type and role of partner sought:
The company is looking for SMEs which develops online learning tools related to language/maths/physical activities via distribution or licensing agreements. The tools should be easy to use and target children of age 5-14 years. The company is primarily interested in distribution agreements (exclusive) as they have strong sales channel and would like to use it for the introduction of the new technology. Licensing agreement will depend on the type of tool, additional accessories (if any) or the complexity of technology.The company would like to engage with partners from European countries so that after-sale support will be provided easily but won’t mind hearing about solutions from the countries outside Europe.


A British company specialised in the development of online language learning tools for primary schools (children aged between 5 and 14 years old).

The company is looking for innovative online learning tools to distribute in the UK market via distribution services or licensing agreements.

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