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Brittiskt företag söker tillverkare av plastflaskor och glasburkar

Datum:22 februari, 2017 Kategori:


The UK company started as a design agency and has developed into a platform where innovative business ideas can be explored in complete freedom and developed into high level of success. They work with established product designers who bring the technical know-how that the company then develops into innovative products. They search actively across all market sectors for gaps in technology, product ranges and services for opportunities to innovate and disrupt the status quo. This has seen the company involved in everything from sportswear design to household appliances, new media to property development. When they have developed ideas, they file patents and offer products for licensing or develop in-house. At present they have developed a bottle and container range that delivers intelligent and environmentally aware packaging that gives manufacturers a cost effective option in product distribution and carbon footprint reduction. It also offers consumers a compelling alternative in the repeat purchase process and domestic waste disposal. The aim of the bottle and container concept is to reduce the proliferation of recyclable waste by creating a more economic and efficient system of consumption and recycling. As the product reaches expiration or consumption, the user does not, as normal, dispose of the original container, but removes a one-time use tamper-seal at its base. The user then unscrews/removes a dormant base lid. The spent container or pac is then removed and recycled in the normal way. To replenish, the consumer inserts a new container or pac and secures using the bottle’s simple lock-release system. The base of the bottle/jar is then reattached and after peeling back a seal the jar or bottle is ready to use. The UK company is now interested in seeing if there are companies that wish to collaborate in order to manufacture these plastic bottle and containers on a manufacturing agreement.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The manufacturing partners must already be skilled in the production of either plastic bottles or glass jars and come with a collaborative spirit to work with the UK company to develop prototypes and ongoing production. They should have the capability to produce bottles and containers that have plastic outer cases which are double threaded at the top, with both inner and outer and single thread at the bottom. Together with this is the need to manufacture an inner disposal case along with screw caps and screw bases. Design drawings will be provided. They should be innovative and forward thinking to work in partnership to develop a range of products which can potentially reduce their financial and material investment in front end packaging and allow consumers to reduce their reliance on first generation shelf products, and as a consequence reduce their carbon footprint.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The company is specifically looking for partners with strong collaborative mindset and have existing expertise in the manufacture of plastic bottles and glass jars. The UK company will provide the concept technology and intellectual property (IP) and the partnering company would provide the facilities for prototyping and manufacturing. The UK company will then discuss a deal for production and profit share.

Type of Partnership Considered

Manufacturing agreement


UK limited company is seeking suitable collaborative partners on a manufacturing agreement to produce custom plastic bottles and containers based on the their concept technology and intellectual property.

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