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En Finsk öltillverkare söker partners i Sverige

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Founded in 2013, the Finnish craft beer producer has a small brewery in Tuusula. Their awarded hand crafted beer uses selected ingredients in an innovative and creative way.

The Finnish brewery is currently producing 12 different beers and, since the beginning of the company, they have been developing beers in collaboration with various partners from bars and restaurants to music bands.

Currently, the company operates the following brewing equipment: 3 thousand litre brew house equipment, six 6 thousand litres and four 2 thousand litres fermenting tanks. The packing is done by their own canning line or to disposable kegs.

The Finnish brewery is looking for distributors in Denmark, Sweden and Russia.

Additionally, the Finnish company has already participated in collaboration brewing with small breweries outside of Finland, inspired by the idea of creating new products, experimenting with new flavours. Therefore, the reciprocal production with small breweries with similar open mind and creativity in the beer production is a type of partnership agreement envisaged by the Finnish company.

Advantages and Innovations

The special feature and advantage of the Finnish craft beer producer is their openness to test different processes and ingredients in production of beer. Since the Finnish company was praised and awarded in Finland for their craft and handmade beers, their reputation helps in creating an interest in their new beers, opening the opportunity to enter the Finnish market to potential partners.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

  • Distribution Services

The partner has contacts and license to operate with alcohol beverages; the partner has a warehouse; and willingness to develop a Finnish craft beer with an original approach to beer production and establish a sales network. Final clients that the partner will handle the logistics are beer special shops and retails; bar and restaurants; and national monopolies. The Finnish company has the ability to attend the delivery of the beer to a designated warehouse.

  • Manufacturing Agreement with Reciprocal production

The partner is a craft beer SME producer interested in the exchanging of production and development of new products. The partner will benefit from the Finnish company’s market access and reputation in Finland with collaboration brew.



A Finnish small brewery is looking for distributors and reciprocal production agreements with breweries in Denmark, Sweden and Russia. The company produces a hand-crafted beer since 2013.


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