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Engelskt företag av innovativ spjälsäng söker tillverkningspartner

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The baby crib is a cot with adjustable legs, designed to be fixed to the parent’s bed and have easy access from the adult bed to the baby bed. This crib is designed for babies from birth to seven months.

The crib is made up of two parts:

The cot – This section is collapsible using four posts It has a fully removable fabric surround attached to the upper frame

Legs – this section is fully adjustable using two handles

Selling features: Portable Adjustable Washable The two parts can be used without attaching to the bed so it has three multi functions. Stand alone crib, fixed to the parent’s bed, on top of the adults mattress Quick to set up and adjust Storage pockets – removable

Function Detail: The cot is collapsible using four posts,

The collars can be lifted on these posts to allow them to fold inwards and the bar to lower.

The Legs are height adjustable using two handles, one at either end. When these are activated at the same time, the legs can be raised and lowered. When the leg handles are released, the legs lock at their current height.

The cot section attaches to the leg section with a latch mechanism. The latches are released by pulling the triggers on the two cot handles. The cot section can then be lifted off the leg section. The cot has an opening at one side. This folds down like a drawbridge to allow the baby to be pulled into the adult bed without risk of falling out. The main crib is made from cotton woven fabric with a net window on the draw bridge for viewing.

The plastic strip at the top of the draw bridge hooks into the cot frame to hold securely. Velcro holds the sides together ensuring the baby cannot access the flap. There are strong poppers to hold the fabric cot to the metal framework. The legs are attached to the bed with an adjustable strap that slips under the mattress. This strap pulls the cot tight against the adult bed to eliminate gaps.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The material used could be mild steel powder coated or aluminium tube. Fabric mesh and cotton panelling. Injection moulded ABS and PP parts. Wood (mdf or composite board) The expertise needed is metal tube bending. Welding. Metal sheet stamping and folding. Injection moulding. All materials must meet appropriate safety standards for usage in manufacture of a cot.

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The UK inventor is looking for a manufacturing company with the expertise and technology to produce initially a prototype of the crib and then go into full production. The design and specification document called a PPR can be provided if a non-disclosure agreement is signed.

The materials they propose to use are mild steel powder coated or aluminium tube, fabric mesh and cotton panelling, injection moulded ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PP (Polypropylene) parts. Wood (mdf or composite board)

It would be ideal to find a factory that can work with soft fabrics and metal work. The product has been tested to a full range of product safety specifications.

Type and Size of Partner Sought

SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500

Type of Partnership Considered

Manufacturing agreement


A UK company has designed a new crib and is looking for a company to manufacture the item. The crib has been tested to all appropriate UK, EU and US safety standards for both construction and materials. The manufacturer must have proper systems in place to meet these standards to ensure safe product assembly. The list of standards against which the product has been tested will be supplied.

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