Engelskt företag söker tillverkare av reklamartiklar för hotell, restauranger och cafeér - EEN Jönköping

Engelskt företag söker tillverkare av reklamartiklar för hotell, restauranger och cafeér

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The UK company is based in the East Midlands region and even though it has recently been incorporated the Director is an expert in Import/Export of alcoholic beverages for many years. Throughout the years the company has developed a strong network of both suppliers and distributors internationally with whom they work very closely to ensure a good quality/price ratio for their customers. As part of their development project, the company has started to create its own brand of alcoholic drinks (beer, spirits etc.) and they are looking for promotional materials that will help them raise awareness of their new offer worldwide. To help them in this process, the company is looking for manufacturers of corporate gifts that can do personalised branded items adressed to bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, at a good price. The company is not looking for promotional wallets, pens or else but exclusively the following: – glasses ( for wine, whisky, beer, etc) – illuminated ice buckets – drip mats – gift boxes – any other items that the manufacturer could advise. The attachment contains pictures of the items the UK company is requiring. These promotional items will be displayed and used as point of sale in bars, restaurants etc. to help promote the new brand of drinks. The UK company is considering a manufacturing agreement with the ideal manufacturer who can either engrave the glasses with the UK logo or be able to find a subcontractor to carry out the work.

Type of Partnership Considered

Manufacturing agreement


The UK company has developed its expertise in importing/exporting alcoholic drinks for several years. They recently launched their own label for beers and are in the process of developing their own brand for other alcoholic drinks. In order to help them promote and market their new branded range of drinks, the company is looking for a manufacturer of promotional items that includes: wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glassed with the company’s logo engraved, ice-bucket and drip mats

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