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Ett Nederländskt företag specialiserat på träleksaker söker tillverkare

Datum:15 december, 2017 Kategori:


In 2014 two young Dutch entrepreneurs started the SME that is specialized in children’s wooden toys. They have designed a range of toys, which are child friendly, ecological and supports the development of children. These products have a high quality standard of finish and are made of wood. Due to the fact that the demand is increasing the SME wants to scale up production. In order to meet the desired product standards the production partner must preferably have experience with the production of wooden toys and cutting wooden materials with laser.The potential partner should be flexible and have short delivery times. In the beginning the batches will be rather small, but the size of the batches will increase in time. If needed the Dutch company will supply the pattern cards and specifications. The company sought is interested in a manufacturing agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

The main innovation can be found in toys that are made of wooden material and that are aimed to improve childern’s learning and development curve . The products are – due to the use of laser cutting technology – produced with close tolerances.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Preferably the production partner should have experience with laser cutting of various kinds of Wood.


A Netherlands based creative company, designs and produces a range of wooden children’s toys. For the production of the toy collection, they are looking for a new manufacturing partner. The company is interested in collaboration in the frame of a manufacturing agreement.

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