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Företag i Qatar söker leverantörer av bäddmaterial

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The company established in 1979 in Oman, is one of the largest bedding manufacturing companies in the GCC region with a 75,000 square meters factory and with around 500 employees working in it. In Doha, Qatar, the company has started commercial production by early 2016. It is located in Small Industrial Area in Doha and the factory area is 7500 square meters, with 50 employees. The Doha unit manufactures & markets a wide range of spring mattresses, divan base, polyester fiber pillows, bed linen , comforters, sofa seating. The company has a flagship brand. The company manufactures and markets its specific brand of pocketed spring mattresses for discerning household customers and reputed hotel chains. Having furnished over 500,000 hotel rooms across various countries with its beds, the company’s brands are one of the most preferred ones in the hospitality industry. The company is looking for an experienced manufacturing partner of bedding material for a long term manufacturing agreement.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The Qatari company is looking for manufacturers able to produce the following products:

  • Upholstery steel: 40, 2.10, 2.40,4.00, 4.88 mm.
  • Rubberized coir: 8 mm thickness.
  • Cotton felt: 1200 grams per square meter (GSM) / 15 mm thickness
  • Hard felt.
  • Polyester fibers:7 DX32 mm HCS, 1.5 D X32 mm micro, 15 D X32 mm HCS.
  • Poly wadding: 200 GSM , 250 GSM, micro fiber wadding
  • Mattress fabric : jacquard, knitted, fire retardant fabric
  • Wood materials (wood medium-density fiberboard sheets made of plywood, white wood)
  • Clinching clips
  • Stapler pins, D rings.
  • Plastic net-nylon mesh,
  • Polypropylene Non-woven fabric rolls: 20 / 30 / 50 GSM.
  • Polyurethane foam: 13 D/16 D/ 20 D/ 20 SOFT.
  • Hot melt glue.
  • Mattress tape.
  • Mattress labels.
  • Ventilator
  • Butterfly spring ,M corner spring

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The expertise sought must be in bedding material industry to match with the company needs. The partner for the manufacturing agreement will offer high quality products (ISO certified), production capacity and will be long term oriented.


This company is one of the largest bedding manufacturer in the Gulf countries. It manufactures and delivers mattresses to several types of clients. The Qatari company looks for bedding material manufacturers for a manufacturing agreement.

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