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Italiensk tillverkare av värmeväxlare söker Svenska underleverantörer

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The Italian SME provide services to the market leaders in the civil, industrial and marine industries answering to the most critical requests and applications thanks to the expertise in the international stage (export 70{643684fa2f994dfc06913daf795252334580fce8f5458c2fae78ced26ddb7111} of its production) and with more than 30 years of experience in heat exchanger and energy recovery wheels production.

Some example of the products manufactured by the Italian SME:

– Water heating and cooling coils, evaporators, refrigerant condensers, diathermic oil heating coils and steam condensers

– Spiral tubes coils manufactured in steel, stainless steel and titanium tubes

– Bare tube heat exchangers

– Cleanable heat exchangers

– Energy recovery wheels

– ‘Run Around’ Heat exchangers

– Geometries

The heat exchangers manufactured by the Italian SME are used for non domestic coilings and ventilation equipment involved in

– small HVAC systems to the larger, more complex applications such as Gas Turbine Air Intake, Cooling Systems, Offshore and specialised Industrial Processes

– Installed on sites thanks to capacity of the company to answer worldwide requests.

The company is looking for producer of tubes and coils in order to sign subcontracting agreement and to establish mutual cooperation.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Italian company is looking for heat exchangers and energy revocery wheels for different applications as described above.

The goal of the Italian company is to set up a subcontracting agreement:

– for a large range of special materials, thickness and quantity that will be defined according to the quality and production capacity provided by the partner;

– with a short delivery term.

The best partner sought is a company with international experience; certified production in the heat exchangers sector; technical expertise and after sales services for the supplied products.

The Italian company is looking for subcontracting/production activities with a manufacturer able to provide a wide range of materials and thicknesses for tubes and coils in Cu, Al, Hygroscope- Al, Al-Mg, pre-painted Al, Titanium, Fe and Stainless Steel.

With the aim to respect the quality standard of the Italian company, the contract will be act only with a manufacturers able to offer certified high quality materials and excellent standard of production.

Type and Size of Partner Sought

SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250


The Italian company with over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and development heat exchangers seeks partners with producers of tubes, pipes and coils in the heat exchangers sector for a mutual cooperation in subcontracting agreement.


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