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Österrikisk distributör söker leverantörer av nordiska livsmedelsprodukter

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The Austrian SME is offering companies the opportunity to provide their employees with work incentives in the form of exclusive periodical sales campaigns of high quality nordic foodstuffs and beverages at fair prices. The Austrian company usually addresses the workers’ council of a company or public institution that the employees of the company can participate in the sales campaigns. The employees are then granted exclusive access to the web shop of the Austrian SME, once a campaign is launched. After the orders are placed, the products are delivered to the participating company, where the employees can collect them. The Austrian SME also sells its products to companies that are looking for exclusive business gifts for their partners or customers. The products on offer are sourced from small producers, who take pride in using traditional techniques. With view to complementing its product range, the Austrian company is looking for partners that produce such products and are interested to sell them on the Austrian market, exclusively through this channel. The current product range includes smoked fish, cured meats, spirits and sweets. The Austrian company would however also be open to enter into distribution services agreements with suppliers of different product categories.

Advantages and Innovations: The advantages of the Austrian company are: • Wide network of business partners through which it sells the products. They include both small and large enterprises as well as public institutions • Exclusive focus on high quality products

• Small, family run company that cares about its suppliers and is enthusiastic about their products • Long standing previous experience with a smiliar business model

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: The Austrian company is looking for high quality foodstuffs and beverages originating from Nordic countries but also UK and Ireland. The products should be typical for the region of origin, as is e.g. the case with smoked fish. Product categories that would be interested include, but are not limited to, cured meats, fish, sweets and spirits. The company is explicitly not looking for industrial products.

Type and Role of Partner Sought The Austrian company is looking for producers of high quality foodstuffs and beverages that are: • located in northern Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ireland • looking for an exclusive distribution partner for the Austrian market • not yet active on the Austrian market The role of the partner would be to supply the Austrian company with the products, which would then market and distribute them in Austria through its network of business partners.

Type and Size of Partner Sought: SME 11-50,SME <10

Type of Partnership Considered: Distribution services agreement


An Austrian company, selling high quality Nordic foodstuffs and beverages directly to Austrian companies or their employees, is offering exclusive distribution services to small food & beverage producers located in Northern Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The partners should operate on a small, sustainable scale, using traditional techniques.

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