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Polsk distributör söker tillverkare av 3D-printers

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Polish SME which was established in 2013 wishes to conclude a distribution agreement with suppliers of 3D printers. Their main customers include Polish manufacturers, industrial designers, research and development institutions, inventors. 3D printing is life passion of people from this company. That company is open for new innovative solutions and is ready for helping potential partners get on Polish market. The company is very efficient and goal-oriented. Organization is among the top companies in the polish 3D printing market. The company specializing in: • distributing 3D printers, • distributing and researching filaments for 3D printers, Efficiency, effectiveness and reliability allowed build a wide business network on the polish market. The company is working hard to refine and develop the products, closely following and shaping market trends. Organization is looking new innovation 3D printers. The company would like to introduce new products to its existing portfolio and thus is interested in manufacturers or suppliers worldwide who have experience working with distributors in their own territory. The Polish company wants to establish long-term business cooperation a distribution service agreement. Advantages and Innovations The company is offering long-term contracts for the expansion into the Poland market.

Distribution and market advantage:

• very experienced in the polish 3D printers,

• established business contacts,

• up-to-date marketing and advertising strategy analytics in the field,

• widely linked with scientific community (medicine, physics, IT).

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

– Printer allows create 3D objects

– 3D rapid prototyping methods

– Filaments, granulate, powder, supplies

– Adherence to delivery dates

– Compliance of quality requirements and delivery promises

– Compliance of European standards and norms

Type and Role of Partner Sought

In order to continue with its expansion strategy, company is looking for new manufacturers 3D printers.The potential partner should be a reliable producer or supplier of 3D printers with experience in international cooperation. Long-term business cooperation with reliable manufacturers 3D printers in the framework for distribution service agreement. Delivery on time and in the good condition have to be essential.

Type of Partnership Considered

Distribution services agreement


The company from Poland specialized in distributing 3D (three dimensional) printers and now wants to further strengthen this business field. The company looks worldwide for manufacturers of 3D printers. Organization wants to establish long term business cooperation in the framework of a distribution service agreement.

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