Rumänskt företag söker leverantörer av sängkläder, gardiner och draperier - EEN Jönköping

Rumänskt företag söker leverantörer av sängkläder, gardiner och draperier

Datum:13 december, 2016 Kategori:


Located in Romania, the company was established in 2012 and it activates as a retailer of luxury products, such as bed clothes, curtains and hangings. The company owns a store situated in one of the biggest shopping centers in the city, which ensures a heavy customers traffic in the area and also works with interior designers, who runs projects for private residences. The company is willing to broaden their range of luxury products, therefore they want to act as distributors for foreign suppliers.

Advantages and Innovations

– experience on the textile market

– an important portfolio of clients and business customers – knowledge of the market trends, rules and regulations

– very good location of the store Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The company would like to find luxury products, textiles of very good quality and unique design, with a wide palette of colors, using non-toxic dye

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The company is looking for manufacturers or distributors of luxury sets for bed clothing (complete sets with bed sheets, bed covers and pillow cases), curtains and hangings for a long term cooperation on the basis of distribution agreement, able to send the products required by the deadline set by the contract,in varieties and colors chosen.


A Romanian retailer of luxury textiles for bed and windows, is willing to establish long term cooperation with suppliers of complete sets for bedclothes, curtains and hangings under a distribution agreement. They are interested in finding partners all over Europe.

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