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Spanskt sågverksagent söker nya leverantörer


Spanish commercial agent, company based in Barcelona and with 30 years of experience in the Spanish market offer its services as an agent manly to sawmill companies.

The company represent in the Spanish market mainly wood importers from all over the world. They usually work with prestigious sawmills from USA for sawn hardwoods and from Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Germany for sawn softwoods.

Their clients are generally construction companies and wood importers. They have recently detected an increase of the demand on particular products therefore they are looking to increase their suppliers portfolio

They would like to extend their sales opportunities in therefore they are looking for providers in particular countries of:
• Softwoods, spruce and redwood glulam: mainly from, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Austria
• Birch: from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Portugal
• Beech: from France
• Eucalyptus: from Portugal
• Siberian Larch
• Radiata Pine: from Chile
• Tropical hardwoods: from Cameroon
• Thermo-traded woods: from Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany and Estonia

The ideal suppliers would be the one not working yet in the Spanish market or who want to establish collaboration. They could represent companies wanting to enter this market with reliable partners with a good network of clients already established. They are confident that they can provide the potential partner with excellent representation.

The company is looking for partners in Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, Cameroon, Russia, Estonia, and Chile and offers a agency/distribution agreement.

Technical specification or expertise sought:
They are looking for sawmills with some of products mentioned before, who could provide them periodical stock lists, or who can have capacity for them to offer to their clients.
Type and role of partner sought:
The company is looking for reliable and honest suppliers of good quality wood and timber products to increase its portfolio of wood construction products. They offer to sawmill companies commercial/distribution agreement for representation in the Spanish market.


Spanish agent is looking for sawmills companies with products such as softwoods, spruce and redwood glulam, birch, beech, eucalyptus, Siberian Larch, Radiata Pine, tropical hardwoods, thermo-treated woods, laths, posts and cross laminated timber. They are looking for new suppliers for an agency/distribution agreement.

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