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Turkisk tillverkare av inner- och ytterdörrar söker råvaruleverantörer

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The company from Kayseri region is specialized in manufacturing of external and internal doors. The Turkish company is searching for companies who are engaged in production of door raw materials. The company has been operating in the market of doors since 1992. It offers different modules that enable to create many functional compositions. Only high quality materials are used in the process of production. The fronts are made of particle board, polyvinyl chloride edging, durable and accessories. All products have certificates of conformity. The company wants to find responsible producer and supplier of door raw materials for use in its production. Terms of delivery and transportation will be discussed after the first contact. The company has built a strong reputation for supplying high quality door sets which fully comply with Turkish fire and acoustic standards. The company has also created a competitive advantage through the development of a quick and flexible fixing system allowing very fast onsite installation of doors and door frames. The company has its own design and manufacturing premises. Although the company would prefer to work with door manufacturing partners that can already produce products that comply with Turkish fire and acoustic standards, it is willing to work with potential suppliers of doors who are willing to work towards achieving the necessary industry accreditations. The company currently supplies door sets for schools, hotels, government buildings, university buildings and student accommodation. All of these types of buildings typically have many doors in them, therefore ideal partners will have the financial, production and finished goods capacity to be able to cope with orders for fairly large numbers of doors.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The potential partner should have technical experience with manufacturing products in the door branch for minimum 5 years. The company is especially looking for expertise in fixing equipments, components for doors and accessories for doors.

Type and Role of Partner Sought Type:

SMEs and manufacturing companies. Area of activity: Companies manufacturing door raw materials. Role: Delivery of door raw materials.


A Turkish manufacturer with a large range of external and internal doors is looking for producers of raw materials. The type of cooperation sought is a manufacturing agreement.

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