Utvecklare av kontollsystem för infraröda värmepaneler sökes - EEN Jönköping

Utvecklare av kontollsystem för infraröda värmepaneler sökes

Datum:20 oktober, 2017 Kategori:

Infrared heating panels are increasingly becoming an option for heating buildings due to their cost and energy efficiency. In order to maximise the benefits of infrared heating panels it is important that they have suitable controller systems. A UK-based SME is looking for controller systems that can maximise user comfort and energy efficiency for integration into its infrared heating panel range. The controllers must be compatible with infrared heating panels and must be capable of flexible and wireless functionality for example through an app. The controller will also be battery operated so it is not reliant on being plugged into a main electricity supply. The UK-based SME is looking to partner with companies that have infrared heating panel controller technology or products. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a license agreement or alternatively a reciprocal production agreement or manufacturing agreement where appropriate. Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The SME is looking for infrared heating panel technology or products that fulfil the following: Can be controlled wirelessly through a smart phone app. Battery powered so does not require plugging into mains electricity supply. Enable flexible control of individual panels in separate rooms.

Type and Role of Partner Sought: The UK-based SME is looking to partner with companies that have infrared heating panel controller technology or products. The SME would like to license in these products for incorporation into its infrared heating panel product range under a licensing agreement or alternatively have the partner manufacture these products for it under a manufacturing agreement. If the partner company’s products or technology need to be optimised for use with the UK SMEs product range a reciprocal production agreement will be considered.

Type and Size of Partner Sought: SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250

Type of Partnership Considered: License agreement, Manufacturing agreement or Reciprocal production


A UK-based SME that specialises in infrared heating panels is looking for controller systems to incorporate into its products. The controller system should enable wireless, flexible control of the panels including through a app. The SME is looking to work with companies with infrared heating panel controller technology or products. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a license agreement or alternatively a reciprocal production agreement or a manufacturing agreement.

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